Why Should I Choose A Custom Home Builder?

Why should I choose a Custom Home Builder?

Often, one of the major decisions before building a new home is deciding whether you want a project build or a Custom Home Builders Melbourne, but what are the benefits of building custom and why should you choose a custom home builder?

Choosing a luxury custom built home allows you to completely customise your home build to suit your style and lifestyle requirements. A custom builder will work closely with you to ensure that your dream home is able to be built in accordance with your plans, including the size and the layout of your block. This ensures that the design and specifications of the house are entirely your decision and you can construct the home of your dreams down to the finest detail to suit your block, instead of having to purchase a block to suit a pre-existing option in a project build.


outside a custom built weatherboard home in blackburn
Custom Weatherboard Home in Blackburn


What can Rycon Building Group Offer?

Rycon, a high end home builder, offers a range of expertise and skills in creating custom builds and their Hampton style home is quickly becoming a signature build that is popular throughout Melbourne. With a classic natural weatherboard finish, these Hampton style homes have a distinctive, welcoming aesthetic as well as being affordable, durable, and versatile. These homes combine the breezy seaside influence and inner city luxury with sophistication, and it’s no surprise that Hampton style homes by Rycon have become a highly sought-after weatherboard home build in Melbourne. Hamptons homes, in particular, boast a unique, casual design adorned with individual, delicate features, so a project build generally cannot achieve the same fine detail and personality as that of a customised option, as they are designed to suit many instead of just you. It is these intricate details that encourage the owner’s personality to shine through the home and provide warmth, individuality, and character, that cannot be found anywhere else.

Custom home builders will be by your side guiding the entire process to ensure every detail is taken into consideration, including the layout of the house, the garden, the land you’re building on, the materials you choose, and all other minor details. Some project builders will refuse to build your home on a sloping block of land, but Rycon Building Group is a proud expert in sloping blocks and difficult sites around the Melbourne area. If you would like to learn more about sloping blocks please click here.

Custom home builders generally allow you to contribute specific appliances, fixtures, and fittings, enabling you the flexibility to finish your home exactly the way you imagined in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency and quality, and you are only limited by budget. Although custom builders normally have preferred, professional suppliers, many are not locked into a contract with a specific supplier like project builders, allowing you the versatility to select the items you prefer.


outside a custom built hampton style home
Custom built Hampton Style home, Glen Iris


Can a custom builder match my lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a key driver for custom home building. If a “one size fits all” approach does not provide you with the full sized, asymmetrical butler’s pantry you had imagined to display your opulent fine china, or the private, artfully designed wine cellar you have been dreaming of, custom building is the best solution. If you have been dreaming of an entertainer’s delight you may look for a decadent, oversized entertainer’s kitchen with luxurious marble benchtops, or a contemporary enclosed 10 seater in-home theater. You may have an active lifestyle and find joy in a workout-worthy mirrored home gymnasium or yoga studio and deluxe concrete lap pool. If functionality is key you may want to design the layout specific to your individual requirements, where your 4 car garage has internal access to a porcelain tiled wet area with built in refrigeration available for the days you do the groceries in the rain. Or you may simply be searching for a masterful architectural design, with unique large double storey voids and picture windows allowing natural light to completely flood your home. Your design possibilities are endless with a custom home builder.

With a custom builder, you are guided and supported by the builder and their team throughout the entire building process, who provide you with a quality service, that is flexible and personable. Custom builders will try, where possible, to accommodate any modifications or changes to the build once it’s in progress, and can be contacted at any time. Many project homes are often built in large quantities, whereas custom home builders have a limited number of homes to build at any given time, allowing quality control to be prioritised with more focus on fewer homes. Custom builders also have stronger, ongoing relationships with trades and suppliers that they will consistently use, where reliability is key, reducing any downtime and allowing the process to continue smoothly, flexibly and quickly.


inside a custom built wine cellar
Custom built wine cellar


What about customer service?

Customer service is the number one priority of a custom home builder. When you build a custom home, you are working with a small company which means that you are able to speak with the decision-makers and the company owner directly, instead of a sales person or account manager. Custom builders get to know their clients personally, not only to get a thorough understanding of what they require in their home design, but also to ensure that their expectations are met. A custom home builder can even meet with you on site as the building progresses, so you can ensure that your home is on track and you’re getting exactly what you paid for. This is uncommon with project builders as you will usually speak to service representatives and it may not be possible to get in touch with any of the builders in charge of your home.


If you are searching for a flexible, individual solution for building your new dream home and you would like to learn more about custom home builds in Melbourne please contact the Rycon team here.


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