Custom Split Level Designing

by a Sloping Block Builder

Designing with a Sloping Block Builder

Custom split level homes are a fantastic option for home buyers looking to design their custom houses on a sloping block of land. Split level design is suited to any type of sloping block, and can utilise the slope of the land to ensure the entire block is used. A typical split level home consists of staggered floor levels with short stair sets to separate each floor. This allows for a middle level that is commonly used for living areas. Also, an upper level for bedrooms, creating a sense of division and privacy. Custom split level homes can be designed to be very unique and personal, with the ability to stagger and change the flooring. All of this helps to create a truly exceptional home design. However, you do not want to leave the design of your home to any sloping block builder.


Architectural design

One of the most important aspects of contemporary architecture in Australia is the notion that a house should follow the gradient and the slope of the land on which it is situated. Therefore, with a site that has a slope, the house will naturally incorporate steps and staggered floors. This is so that the house changes with the ground level. It allows for more consistent access to the house from the outside and gives the impression that the home is flowing into its surroundings. Strategically, breaking the floor line in order to adapt the home to the slope of its block has become a defining feature in contemporary home design and architecture. The staggered floor levels can give the home a more natural aesthetic that allows the floors to flow seamlessly throughout the living space.

Split level home design is the perfect complement to a charming Melbourne Weatherboard home. Even to a classic Hamptons Style home build. Combining split levels with traditional architectural and styling influences can create a stunning and unique home that boasts a warm and familiar feel. Commonly, the Hamptons Style home employs an abundance of picture windows to draw the outside in. Furthermore, by utilising a split level design you can maximise views by using space more effectively. Giving you access to lush scenic surroundings from anywhere in the house.

At Rycon Building Group, we offer a complete residential in-house design service to maximise the architectural impact that we can create on your existing block. All without the need to employ a separate architect. We carefully consider the specifics of your block and invest time learning your style preferences and lifestyle requirements, before our expert design team presents you with your unique, custom split level home design.

Inside a custom home build in Glen Iris

Sloping Blocks

Split level homes are specifically designed for sloping blocks, as they can be built to fit in with the natural landscape of the block. Some suburbs of Melbourne where sloping blocks can be found include Surrey Hills, Camberwell and Blackburn.

Having the freedom to build on previously purchased land is a major benefit that comes from a split level home, as you can work with the block of your choice. Project home builders will often tell you what type of land you can have your home built on. Whereas custom builders can build a split level home to suit the gradient of any block.

Often project builders can overlook the unique opportunity provided by the natural land. They’ll instead use retaining walls as a quick fix for the slope. When choosing a split level home designed and built by a custom home builder, the entirety of the land is masterfully utilised. In the end, having the home constructed to best suit the land contours.

Shaping the home to suit the gradient of the block is a big factor in maximising space. Doing this allows much more of the block to be used as a garden area too. The home consists of multiple levels rather than just one, which allows for flowing separation of living spaces. A custom home builder that specialises in sloping block house designs reduces the need for retaining walls and provides an opportunity to capture views wherever possible. Working with the slope also provides the design team with a base to create a home truly unique to maximise its surroundings.



Split level homes can also be a very cost-effective method of building a home. Buying sloping blocks of land will often be cheaper than buying flat land. So it is possible to purchase a block cheaply and have the home built along the slope with split level design. If you’ve purchased a sloping block of land, many project home builders would require an expensive site cut or a retaining wall in order to build one of their project homes on the land. Custom split level design eliminates the need for these processes. Lastly, your home is constructed in a way that co-operates with the slope and gradient of the land.

Inside a split level home in Blackburn

Other Advantages

A custom split level home is tailored to the slope and the size of the block, giving the home a unique characteristic that makes it stand out from the crowd. The custom design can be used to maximise natural light. Also, it can maximise ventilation and optimal views from around the house, allowing you home to be situated in the best possible location on the block. Split level design is also a great lifestyle consideration. It can be ideal for multi-generational families, separating living areas from bedrooms which can create an element of privacy in the home. More importantly, it allows the separation of work, play and rest areas.

With all of the benefits considered, split level home design is a great option for those looking to build their custom home on a sloping piece. Custom split level design allows the homeowner to design their home to best suit their needs. It also combines contemporary architecture with the natural slope of the landscape to ensure the home sits comfortably. If you would like to learn more about split level design or custom home builds in Melbourne from our team who pride themselves as a sloping block builder, please contact us here..


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