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At Rycon Building Group, we understand that plenty of home-owners simply outgrow their homes, or they may prefer a different style of home, but don’t want to move away from their current location. This is why knock down rebuild Melbourne has become a popular option, especially within the middle and inner suburbs of Melbourne, where house prices continue to skyrocket.

The process of knock down
rebuild in Melbourne

Our expert team will support you through the entire process, including providing a full assessment of your site. We will review the slope/contours of the block, orientation, front setback and the size. Our team will also review the section 32 and convenants, council local laws and by-laws, easements, driveway positioning and tress, as well as much more to do with your build. Once we do a full assessment of your site, we will meet with you to understand your unique requirements and then will create a custom designed home that perfectly suits your family’s needs. As a hands-on director, Ryan will meet with you regularly throughout your build. With a Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne completed by Rycon, you can enjoy a brand new home without sacrificing the benefits of your current location.

Benefits of knock down rebuild in Melbourne

One of the biggest advantages to a knock down rebuild Melbourne is that you don’t have to move areas. You get to stay in the current street and suburb you know and love, and you don’t disrupt your children by having them change schools and routine. Many people choose the knockdown and rebuild in Melbourne because it can be less costly than renovating. There are often many construction challenges in renovating that can only be uncovered during the building process, and this can often add costs and time delays to the project. A renovation also means working around existing structures. A brand new home build will ensure that you get to design and build exactly what you want.

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Experts in knockdown and rebuild
throughout Melbourne

As expert knock down rebuild builders in Melbourne, we believe in more than just bricks and mortar, we believe in building with a personal touch. We can help design your new home, or use plans you already have, and our expert team of custom home builders will work with you to build your luxury new home to the highest possible standard. We can assist with your knock down rebuild Melbourne, and have extensive experience with building on flat blocks, sloping blocks, or difficult sites throughout Melbourne. For complete peace of mind, at the completion of each knockdown and rebuild stage of the construction process in Melbourne, an independent building inspection will be carried out through Building Ethics Australia (BEA).


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