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Sloping and difficult blocks require a lot of attention during concept and design. Many features need to be taken into accounts such as views, aspects, services orientation, access and affordability. Often the most rewarding projects are also the most challenging! Some of the most stunning and breathtaking homes you’ll ever see are built into the side of a mountain, a cliff or in the rolling suburbs. The opportunities of a sloping block usually far outweigh the challenges and make all the efforts through design and construction disappear in the results.

The Sloping block

A distinctive set of skills, knowledge, experience and expertise is required in both design and construction, to fully appreciate, understand and reach the potential of a spectacular and functional home on a sloping block.

At Rycon Building Group, we believe that it is always better to work with Sloping Block Builders Melbourne, rather than to dig a hole and impose a house on it. After all, one of the many reasons people purchase sloping blocks is that they usually provide a view or unique feature not found in flat developments.

By working with the block rather than against it, we can also help minimise the need for expensive and intrusive retaining walls.

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We work with
sloping blocks,
not against them

If you’re considering a traditional style of home or one of the many contemporary looks, we can help get it right from the start to ensure the end product is what you’re hoping for. We custom design your new home to fit the block whether it’s on an uphill or downhill slope, multi-level or single level. No project is too difficult for the custom home builders Melbourne team at Rycon Building Group.


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