Benefits Of Double Glazing

Benefits of Double Glazing

There are many benefits to double glazing. Double glazed windows and doors are often recommended by custom builders due to their insulation capabilities. The thermal qualities create a boundary for the extremes of the Melbourne climate. This results in warmer winter nights and cooler summer days relaxing in your dream home.


Temperature Control

Double glazed windows and doors are created with two pieces of glass instead of one. The glass panels are bonded together with a 12mm-20mm space which is filled with gas or air before sealing. It’s this gas or air-filled space that works as additional insulation, reducing the need to use heating and cooling. Rycon recommends double glazing for all of our projects due to the array of benefits they provide to make your home more comfortable. Further to the recommendations of our expert builders, Victorian Energy Assessors will also review the level of insulation required for every new construction. They may request increasing the insulation or light bridge glazing on top of the double glazing to increase the rating as required. So you can rest assured your home meets all the latest requirements in residential energy efficiency.


Double Glazing Windows in a Fairfield Luxury Home Build
Double Glazed Windows in a Fairfield Luxury Home Build


Double glazing not only helps to maintain a steady temperature in your home but can also reduce sounds from outside, due to the structure of the design. This includes a reduction in traffic noise and general neighbourhood acoustics such as neighbours’ voices and pets. If you prefer to relax in your private, peaceful home, double glazing is the quintessential solution.


If the comfort and security of your home is a priority for you and your family, double glazing options are a wonderful solution. Double glazed windows and doors are much safer than single glazed windows and doors, simply because they consist of double sheets of glass.


Should you choose deluxe timber windows for your luxury home build, choosing double glazed windows would be best, due to minimal condensation. Condensation occurs when warm air reaches one side of the glass and cold air reaches the other. The thermal resistance of double glazing means condensation occurrence is minimal, so materials such as timber will be less prone to deterioration from condensation.


Deluxe Double Glazed Windows in Camberwell Custom Designed Home
Deluxe Double Glazed Windows in Camberwell Custom Designed Home


Extend Your Picture Perfect Views

Rycon always chooses double glazed windows and doors for our custom home builds. Especially in leafy suburbs such as Surrey Hills, Blackburn and Balwyn where our priority is bringing the outside landscape inside. These suburbs are perfect for the use of large picture windows in evoking a sense of serenity. Window coverings are still recommended for further reducing heat and protecting floor coverings from the heat transfer through the glass. However, having double glazed windows may extend your outside views a little longer each day. Of course, if privacy is front of mind heavier window furnishings should also be considered.


Although double glazed windows have a more expensive outlay upfront, it’s proven that you save significant amounts on your heating and cooling costs. Especially compared to those of single glazed windows and doors, so they pay for themselves after only a couple of years. Double glazing can also help improve the resale value of your home. It’s due to the cost savings in heating and cooling bills, energy ratings of the home and added security.


There are an array of benefits in choosing double glazing for your new custom built home. If you would like to learn more about double glazing from our team of experts please contact us here.

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