Make Sure You Include These 5 Elements In Your Hampton Style Home

A Hampton style home is a combination of a classic coastal feel mixed with a bold and stylish design. These homes provide a relaxed and laid-back style of living, without compromising on elegance. This definitive style of home originated in the seaside locations on New York’s Long Island, where some of the most expensive homes in America are located. Fortunately, this beautiful style of home is not just built by rich New Yorkers, as the Hamptons style home has been well received in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs. If you’re considering building a charming home for you and your family, read on for the five most important elements to include in your Hampton style home.



Weatherboard cladding has been popular in Australian architecture since European settlers first began building homes in the early 1800’s. Weatherboards have come a long way since the first time they were introduced to home building, in terms of design and the materials. Weatherboard cladding is now available in a lower maintenance cement option, making in increasingly popular option for many custom builders in Melbourne.

Hampton style weatherboards were traditionally long planks of wood used to clad the exterior of Hampton style homes. This helped to protect the home from sea salt and strong winds that blew in from the coastline, where this timely design was first created. Weatherboards are typically made of fibre cement instead of timber, which requires less maintenance long term. Modern weatherboards are painted in a monochromatic colour scheme which complements the Hampton style perfectly. There are many different styles of weatherboard available to select from, so it’s important to select the right one to match the aesthetic of your home.

front view of a hampton style home
A front view of a beautiful Hampton Style Home in Melbourne



Mouldings are the decorative details found in the transition between the walls and a ceiling of a home. These are prominent in Hampton style home interiors or exteriors, usually painted white to contrast with the colours of the walls. Intricately designed trims such as wainscoting and architraves are strategically used within the design to exaggerate the placement of windows, staircases, entrances and pillars. Opt for wainscoting or pine lining in your hallways and stairwells for the ultimate decorative feature.

White panelling is another favoured option for many Hampton style features for the interior of the home. Skirting boards, windows, doorframes and balustrading can all look fantastic when white-painted timber is used against a coloured wall. These detailed trimmings provide an East Coast influence whilst giving the features of the home more definition.

angle view of a hampton style home in melbourne



Lighting is a crucial consideration in creating the Hamptons welcoming atmosphere. Opt for large, picture windows and skylights to bring the outside in wherever possible. Natural light should pour through windows and large open doors. In areas of the home where access to windows is minimal, choose feature lighting such as pendant lights to add some of that Hamptons glitz and glamour. Unique internal light fittings can be simple yet eye-catching, and with so many different designs to choose from, you’re bound to find a light fitting that will give your home some character.

blue island kitchen hampton style in a home in melbourne



There are many surfaces to consider when designing a Hampton style home, as many different textures can be used throughout different parts of the home.

    Stonework is a very popular Hamptons design feature, with a rich texture and natural colouring. Stone looks striking when used as a feature wall or pillar in the home. There are many natural and engineered stones to choose from, with light and dark tones that will match any design. It’s important to emphasise the stone with a bright, contrasting white colour to give the exterior a typical Hampton feel.
  • SUBWAY TILES: As the New York home style icon, subway tiles are commonly used to support Hampton style designs. Typically, subway tiles are used to add subtle texture to compliment Hamptons Interiors. Although normally found in white, custom home builders and designers are beginning to experiment with other colours, textures, shapes and patterns to create an aesthetic unique to the homeowner.
  • TIMBER FLOORING: Coastal inspired homes often use timber floor boards or engineered timber flooring for their hard wearing, low maintenance properties. Although they are well known for their durability, timber floors also provide a warm, rustic feel which is popular amongst many Hamptons inspired designs. When selecting the colour and design of your timber flooring, be sure to keep in mind other floor coverings such as natural, patterned rugs.

front door hampton style entrance



The typical Hampton style wouldn’t be complete without luxurious interior decoration. Some common features include natural fibre rugs, wicker, cane and white painted timber furniture, as well as stylish homewares inspired by seaside colours. Patterned, striped or linen cushions and deeply coloured throw rugs are essential in creating the coastal vibe of the Hamptons style.

a family table in front of a hampton style fireplace


Not to be overlooked are the hardware choices for your cabinetry and doors. Opt for lavish brass or matt black knobs and handles for your cabinetry to add some of the rich, glamourous New York influence to your Hampton style home.

black cabinet bathroom with white tiles


With the right features and design, the Hamptons style home can be bought to life in an Australian environment, providing a relaxed yet sophisticated design that is sure to make everyone feel at home. If you would like to learn more about Rycon Building Group and our renowned Hampton style home builds in Melbourne from our team of experts please contact us here.


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