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What is Hampton Style House? 10 Things You’ll Love About It!

Have you heard about Hampton-style houses?

This unique architectural style in Australia has been gaining popularity for its timeless elegance and coastal charm. Originating from the luxurious seaside homes in the Hamptons, New York, Hampton-style houses blend sophistication with a relaxed, beachside vibe.

If you’re considering a new home or a renovation project, exploring the Hampton style might be just what you need to infuse your living space with a touch of classic coastal chic.

Having crafted numerous dream homes in Melbourne, I’ve come to appreciate the timeless allure of this architectural gem. So, what exactly is a Hampton-style house , and why should you consider it for your next project? Let’s unravel the secrets and discover the ten things you’ll love about it!

What is a Hampton-style house?

Originating from the affluent Hamptons on Long Island, New York, Hampton-style architecture combines traditional elegance with a laid-back beach ambience. It has captured the hearts of people who value blending traditional and modern components, symbolising ageless sophistication in Australia.

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Elements That Define Hampton-style Houses in Australia

Hampton-style houses in Australia share many similarities with their American counterparts, but there are also some regional variations.

Here are five elements that define Hampton-style houses in Australia:

Indoor-Outdoor Living

A seamless transition between interior and outdoor living areas is a common feature of Australian Hampton-style homes. Wide bi-fold or sliding doors are frequently used to connect living spaces to patios, verandas, or outdoor decks. This architectural feature promotes a laid-back, outdoor lifestyle while making the most of the pleasant weather in the nation.

Adaptation to Climate

Because of Australia’s varied environment, Hampton-style homes may have characteristics that allow them to adjust to various weather situations. For example, big windows and doors provide cross-ventilation to cool indoor spaces during the summer heat, while outside areas can include covered portions or pergolas for shade.

Neutral Coastal Palette

Australian Hampton-style homes frequently have a colour scheme that echoes the local coastal environment. Popular colour selections evoke a beachfront atmosphere: whites, light blues, and gentle greens. Organic textures and materials such as stone and wood strengthen the bond with the seaside environment.

Modern Touches

Australian Hampton-style homes may have some modern elements mixed with their traditional, timeless beauty. Modern appliances, fittings, and design features that suit modern lives can be examples. The overall look is made more sophisticated by combining traditional and modern elements.

Landscaping with Native Plants

Native plant landscaping is a common feature of Australian Hampton-style residences. Various luxuriant vegetation, locally native shrubs, and floral plants that withstand the harsh climate may be found in the gardens. This is in line with sustainable practises and improves the aesthetic appeal.

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10 Key Features of a Hampton-Style House That You’ll Surely Love

Characterised by a perfect blend of classic and contemporary elements, a Hampton-style house embodies refined living with a coastal twist. The key features that define this architectural gem include:

Classic Elegance

The Hampton style is characterised by a classy and classic look that frequently includes pitched roofs, symmetrical facades, and carefully considered architectural features.

Abundant Natural Light

Large windows and glass doors are arranged strategically to optimise natural light to create light-filled living areas that flow naturally into the outdoors.

Neutral Color Palette

Whites, creams, and pastel blues are the soft and neutral tones that make up most of the colour palette. This colour scheme helps create a peaceful, serene atmosphere throughout the house.

High-Quality Materials

Premium building materials like stone, wood and shiplap are used to build Hampton-style homes. These materials guarantee authenticity and durability in addition to improving the aesthetic appeal.

Open-Plan Designs

One of the main design tenets of Hampton-style homes is openness. These homes have open floor plans that facilitate better circulation between the house’s various rooms. This layout promotes a feeling of openness and unity.

Gourmet Kitchens

The centre of a Hampton-style home is frequently the kitchen. Typically, it features upscale finishes like marble countertops, white cabinetry, and top-of-the-line appliances, creating a gourmet area that is both fashionable and useful.

Adorable Outdoor Areas

Living indoors and outdoors is harmoniously integrated in Hampton-style homes. With soft furnishings and lovely landscaping, outdoor areas—from roomy decks to little verandas—are made for partying and unwinding.

Classic Bathrooms

Hampton-style homes have a spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms. Freestanding tubs, tasteful fixtures, and an emphasis on premium materials enhance a feeling of elegance and refinement.

Flexibility in Style

The Hampton style is quite adaptable and can fit various design tastes. Whether you go for a more traditional or contemporary look, the spirit of Hampton style is still flexible.

Durable Appeal

The timeless attractiveness of a Hampton-style home is its most alluring aspect. This architectural design outlives fads, guaranteeing that your house will always be a wise investment.

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Tips for Creating a Hampton-Style Home

Creating a Hampton-style home involves combining classic elegance with a relaxed coastal feel.

Here are some of our tips to help you achieve the Hampton look for your home without stressing too much:

Light and Neutral Color Palette

Use a soft blue, mild grey, white, and cream colour scheme that is light and neutral. This produces a backdrop that is light, airy, and classic. Thoughtfully use these colour variations for accessories, furniture, and walls.

Natural Materials

Incorporate organic elements such as wood, especially for exterior weatherboard cladding. Use stone countertops, wicker or rattan furniture, and hardwood floors inside to create a cosier, more textured environment.

Classic Furnishings

Choose timeless and classic furnishings. Select cosy couches and chairs with light-coloured, natural coverings. To further accentuate the effortless beauty of the style, look for furniture with a somewhat worn-in or rustic aspect.

Open and Airy Spaces

Highlight the rooms’ openness and spaciousness. Consider designing an open floor plan to facilitate a smooth transition between various living areas. Use French doors and huge windows to make the most of natural light and establish a link with the outside.

Coastal Accents

Include maritime and coastal elements in your design. Think of incorporating nautical-inspired accessories, rope accents, and striped designs. Classic colour schemes that generate a beachfront vibe include blue and white.

Molding and Paneling

Use wall panelling, wainscoting, or feature moulding to provide architectural interest. These timeless elements contribute to the traditional Hampton design while enhancing the space’s refinement.

We at Rycon use luxury weatherboard on our custom home builds to achieve the Hampton-style house for a timeless, classic design. Weatherboard homes are quite popular in Australian communities because of their timeless style and natural appearance. We are honoured to be Melbourne’s go-to source for exquisitely created rooms that your family will love for many years.

Quality Lighting Fixtures

Make a quality, classic-designed lighting fixture investment. Select wall sconces, pendant lights, or chandeliers to give the room a sophisticated feel. For extra flair, think of fixtures with a nautical or coastal theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hampton-style architecture so popular?

Hampton-style architecture is well-liked for its adaptability to many environments, easygoing coastal mood, and timeless elegance. Its timeless appeal can be attributed to the emphasis on indoor-outdoor living and the neutral colour scheme.

Is the Hampton style suitable for all locations?

Indeed, the Hampton style is adaptable and can be used in suburban regions and coastal settings, adding a little bit of traditional seaside appeal to any area.

How does Hampton’s style differ from other design styles?

Hampton style embraces historical features and a coastal vibe, setting it apart from modern design. It frequently has conventional furniture, a muted colour scheme, and an emphasis on comfort.


Remember that Hampton-style architecture in Australia is adaptable, and homeowners often customise these design elements to suit their preferences and the site’s specific characteristics. Whether maximising natural light, incorporating sustainable design, or taking advantage of coastal views, Hampton-style homes in Australia blend timeless elegance with practical considerations.

Our luxury home builder Melbourne team at Rycon specializes in crafting bespoke Hampton-style homes embodying elegance and functionality. With hundreds of house designs, we understand that it’s overwhelming and confusing most of the time for us homeowners. Approaching the decision process with a thorough awareness of personal preferences, lifestyle needs, and the specific characteristics of the chosen place is critical. Individuals may efficiently navigate the various possibilities and, as a result, design a Hampton-style home that not only represents timeless sophistication but also responds to their practical needs and aesthetic objectives.


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