The origins of the Hamptons home

New Hamptons style homes have become more and more sought after over the last decade in Australia and have now become a much-desired style of luxury home to build, particularly in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, including Camberwell, Canterbury, Box Hill and Blackburn. Many Australians have been introduced to the stunning Hamptons style homes from American films, design magazines and social media design pages and have the dream to live in a home of this level of luxury and prestige.

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Increasingly, the term Hamptons is spoken about when discussing new home builds, but what are the origins of a Hamptons home and how does this style of home fit into an Australian lifestyle?

New York is a large diverse state on the East Coast of the USA, which boosts many different regions and vistas. In the far South-eastern end of Long Island, New York is a scenic region that attracts the wealthy and well-heeled known as The Hamptons. The Hamptons is a group of seaside towns, villages and hamlets that come together and represent wealth, luxury, and extravagance.

The Hamptons has become an increasingly popular year-round destination for New Yorkers wanting to have a mini break over the weekend and of course, longer more leisurely breaks at the beach over the hot and humid summer.

The Hamptons offers the perfect mix of an oceanside destination, rural atmosphere, historic charm, and uniqueness, all within driving distance of New York City. The area was created as a summer colony to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and centuries later, it has maintained that same outlook.

So, what traditional features can your Rycon building designer replicate to make these new luxury Hamptons style homes seem like they are located in New York?

Being traditionally built near the beach, these are open plan houses, with many large windows to allow the breeze and light through. Light filled and spacious family areas are key. Outdoor entertaining and Alfresco areas are central to the entertaining atmosphere that Long Islanders live for. Whilst we might not all live near the beach, especially those in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  Melbournians love to be outdoors and entertain so this has been embraced in this luxury style of home and helps make the transition from indoor to outdoor entertaining a breeze. Australia certainly has a long summer so our experienced architectural home designer will create plenty of natural light in your Hamptons style home.

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Another Hamptons home trademark look is to reflect the surrounding area, so often the homes take in the colours of blue and white and other neutral tones to reflect the coastline. In Melbourne’s eastern suburbs such as Glen Iris, Mont Albert, Balwyn and Doncaster, which are not near the beach, other colours along with these may be utilised to enrich rural and city scapes. These colours may also include greens and greys.

Texture is a key element to a Hamptons home and externally this can be achieved by the use of weatherboards. Nothing says Hamptons home more than a weatherboard home. Traditional weatherboards are timber, but these require a large amount of upkeep. However, a builder like Rycon will use a much lower maintenance option such as cement weatherboards which achieves this same coastal look but without the upkeep and ongoing wear which can easily occur with our harsh climate. Builders can add further texture using shingles for the roof or within the gables. Gables are a classic feature of a Hamptons home and Australians have embraced this aesthetically pleasing detail from building designers in their luxurious Hamptons homes.

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Builders use of wall panelling is a striking feature of a Hamptons style home which can help make a big statement. These are often found in main hallways and staircases and with a choice from more traditional wainscoting to the more modern look of VJ panelling. Originally, builders used wainscoting as a method of insulation, but in current times, panelling is used to help create a point of difference, along with adding style, warmth, and character to your interior. Not only can this panelling be used part way up a wall, but there is an option for extending to the ceiling, particularly for a feature wall, such as in a master bedroom. Really, building designers will use wall panelling in any part of your home with great effect. The presence of a raked ceiling in a large living room, alfresco area or master bedroom can have quite the impact with the welcome addition of VJ panelling to create a focal point to the room. The soaring ceilings will help with bathing the room in additional natural light and provide a sense of luxury.

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Whilst traditionally Hamptons homes can be extremely elaborate and opulent, this style can also translate well to a more relaxed and casual vibe that Australians are well known for and are often eager to live in. Of course, luxury is still central to the detail of the home, but a more relaxed and family friendly feel is often the design brief. There are no set rules with many different variations of a Hamptons style, including Australian Hamptons, Coastal Hamptons, Farmhouse style Hamptons and Modern Hamptons. It is extremely versatile and easy to put your own personal stamp on this style of home.

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Here at Rycon Building Group, we have been delighting our clients for many years now building their dream Hamptons style homes.  Please take a look at our portfolio page for some Hamptons style inspiration for your own custom build Melbourne.

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