If you are considering embarking on a knock down rebuild project, and you are still undecided about the style of luxury home you are wanting your custom home builder to design and build then this article is perfect for you. By doing your research, when you do consult a Building Designer and custom home builder, you will have some idea of the luxury home style you desire.

Whilst at Rycon Building Group we design and build many Hampton style homes, we also have extensive experience in building modern homes, contemporary homes and more recently, the modern farmhouse style of home.  As all our homes are an architectural home design, we will ensure that whatever style of luxury home you choose, we will work to make certain that the home blends in with its surrounds and adding to the feel of neighbourhood.

Both contemporary and modern style homes do have some similarities, however there are distinct differences between the two.

What are the features that make a home design modern? Most modern style homes are clean, simple and are the leading-edge designs in the 21st century. This style is favoured by minimalists who are not wanting to be surrounded by too many details and clutter, rather focusing on strong lines along with natural colours. To create this simplistic look, the homes are more balanced and structured. Décor pieces in the home are functional, rather than pretty or ornamental.

Contemporary designs became more popular around the 1970’s, blending many different styles until it became a design in its own right. Contemporary interiors are considered less restrictive, more comfortable and welcoming, with an emphasis on showcasing space, rather than things. An interesting fact is that this style is constantly evolving, rather than staying within a specific period of time, so as a result there are many variations. Add to this a contrasting colour palate, of neutrals, black and white, and a deliberate use of textures, this is what makes these contemporary homes a real standout.

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Once you have chosen the style of home you are wishing for, our Building Designer will work closely with you to determine what features you desire to create an inviting environment for you to enjoy every day and to compliment your streetscape. Whether you are building in Glen Iris, Ashburton, Balwyn or Kew, your prestige home in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne will have its own unique stamp, both internally and externally.

The modern farmhouse is a style that people can’t seem to get enough of lately when consulting with their custom home builder.  These houses aren’t the typical American farmhouses of the past that you’d find on an actual working farm, but they will provoke the same feelings of comfort and minimalism. The style of these original farmhouses were simple so that the structure could be put up quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Today’s modern version still draws on that simple, no fuss look with maintaining the simple shape, but along with additions to add architectural interest.

If you are leaning towards a custom home that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, but you also prefer a less fussy style, then this movement may be the one for you to consider. The beauty of a modern farmhouse style home is the ability to inject a sense of warmth, personality, and character, but along with that a touch of minimalism.

As there is no one right way to do farmhouse style, this is one reason why it is so appealing.  By using a custom home builder, such as Rycon Building Group you can tailor and customize the trend to suit your needs, desires and importantly, your block.  The basics that make up the modern farmhouse can be adapted to make the house completely your own style.  The farmhouse style seeks to combine the feeling of the old practical house on a farm with all the things we desire in a modern prestige home build.

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Is the modern farmhouse a style you’re drawn to or do you lean towards something different?

The Hampton style homes trend is not slowing down and continues to be a highly sought-after prestige home to build across the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Just like the modern farmhouse home, what gives the Hampton style home its ongoing enduring appeal is that while the basic fundamentals remain the same across a Hamptons build, there is flexibility to put your own mark on the home.  Whether you desire a traditional, coastal, modern or Australian take on the Hampton style home, here at Rycon Building Group, as a weatherboard home builder, we will design and build the dream luxury home that you have your heart set on!

The key element of a prestigious Hampton style home is the use of weatherboards. Nothing says Hamptons home more than a weatherboard home. Other elements include raked ceilings, wall panelling, shaker style profiles on cabinetry, subway tiles and a white or soft neutral colour palette all combine to create a space that will feel like home and be the envy of your neighbours.

Whilst traditionally Hampton style homes can be extremely elaborate and opulent, this style can also translate well to a more relaxed and casual vibe that Australians are well known for and are often eager to live in. Of course, luxury is still central to the detail of the home, but a more relaxed and family friendly feel is often the design brief.

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The natural aesthetic and classic finish of a Hampton style home makes it a highly coveted style in neighbourhoods around Eastern Melbourne, particularly in areas such as Glen Iris, Canterbury, Camberwell, Blackburn and Box Hill South.

When you choose Rycon Building Group for your prestige home build, whether it is a Hampton style home, modern, contemporary, modern farmhouse or perhaps a home we haven’t mentioned here you can trust that your finished home will be the epitome of expert workmanship and will reflect you and your lifestyle. Our Building Designer and Pre-Construction team will work closely with you to ensure all your wants and needs are met and offer guidance on the latest trends in all styles of homes. We would love to have the opportunity to make your dream luxury home a reality. If you would like to discuss your knock down rebuild project further, please contact us here.


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