The Seven Most Common Home Design Mistakes Made When Designing And Building Your Hampton Style Home

Figuring out how to design the interior spaces of your Hampton Style Home is no easy task. Beautifully designed custom houses have an effortless feel to them, however without engaging a professional Interior Designer it can be tricky to execute this. Whether you are building in Balwyn, Camberwell or Glen Iris, by appointing the Rycon Building Group team  for your home in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, you can avoid these seven most common Interior Design Mistakes.  You will be rewarded with a well-designed space and the luxury home of your dreams!

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Design Mistake 1: Not Setting a Budget

Designing and decorating your Hampton Style Home can be financially strenuous and if you do not plan or set a budget for your project you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle, spending more money than you can afford.

Many people fail to realise how important it is to establish a solid budget for your building design, and unfortunately this is one area that can make or break your entire project. Always determine a realistic budget and keep it in mind as you go through the process. If you do this, the expenditure for your luxury home will never go out of control!

Helpful tip: Create a “dream list” and identify what you cannot go without in your custom home build. You will be able to base your budget off this list, as you will be able to shop around and determine how much you will need to set aside for these crucial pieces. Make sure you always leave a little wiggle room in your budget to allow for contingencies.

Design Mistake 2: Designing Your Home Without Considering Your Lifestyle

When designing your Hampton Style Home, you should always take practicality into consideration as it is not all about the flair. Of course, you want your rooms to look nice, but you always want them to suit your lifestyle. Pay attention to the utility of your custom home otherwise you will find the small inconveniences of your space begin to grate on you over time.

To make sure that your building design is conducive to your daily routine, think about how you and your family will use each space. This will help you establish what you want to include in your plan when consulting with your building designer.

Helpful tip: Slow down and take your time in the planning stage with your custom home builder, there are so many opportunities for customisation that you do not want to miss by rushing through the building design process. As an esteemed luxury home builder, we will walk you through your needs and wants, ensuring your prestige home is well designed perfectly for your lifestyle.


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Design Mistake 3: Following Design Trends

When choosing to design a Hampton Style Home, you are in luck, this gives you a big advantage when it comes to worrying about design trends leaving your home conspicuously outdated when the industry moves on. The Hampton Style provides, a classic base that will prove to make your custom home build timeless.

Helpful tip: If you want to mix up your Hampton Style Home try adding hints of the Coastal or Australian trends currently prevalent in the industry as this will fill your luxury home with relaxed vibes. If you are wanting more of a structured and refined look, a great style that will compliment your Hampton Style Home is the ageless Traditional Design Style.

Design Mistake 4: Failing to consider Scale

When designing your Hampton Style Home, you need to consider the sizes and heights of all of the elements in the room as when you have a collaboration of different sized objects, it will make your space feel more visual appealing. You don’t want your rooms to feel claustrophobic, nor do you want them to seem empty – balance is key when trying to perfect your building design.

Helpful tip: If you are struggling to visualise how big a piece should be, try taping it out on the floor or making a paper template. Be sure to make sure you leave enough space around each piece of furniture for ease of movement around the room. At Rycon, because of your considerable consultation with our team, you will be assured that your finished architectural home design will provide you with the room sizes you desire.

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Design Mistake 5: Giving little thought to Lighting

Without carefully considering lighting in your Hampton Style Home, you risk a space that lacks in both comfort and practicality. The trick to ensuring every room in your custom house build is comfortable and well-lit is to make a lighting plan that includes ambient, task, and accent lighting. You can achieve this by layering your lighting at different levels and intensities. A combination of overhead lights, wall lights, and floor and table lamps will provide even lighting throughout your prestige home.

A well-thought-out lighting plan will ensure each room has enough light to perform any task that is usually done in the space. Each room should have overall (ambient) lighting to allow you to move around safely as well as task lighting for performing specific activities such as cooking or reading. Incorporate accent lighting into your custom home to highlight remarkable items such as artwork or an architectural feature.

Helpful Tip: Downlights can be great for ambient and task lighting, especially when fitted with dimmers. The dimmers allow you to reduce the amount of light in the space, they also help set the mood you are wanting to achieve, elevating your luxury home.

Design Mistake 6: Skimping on Storage

Without carefully considering storage when designing your Hampton Style Home, you may run out of space to store all of your possessions and risk your beautiful new prestige home becoming cluttered. This will not only diminish the appeal of the room but will also affect how you feel in the space.

Helpful tip: When planning your storage requirements with our building designer be realistic with the amount of space you require. If you can’t plan this into built in cabinetry, try to opt for pieces that have a storage element. This will make sure you don’t have any surprise expenses when you release what you have won’t cut it.

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Design Mistake 7: No Focal Point

When designing your Hampton Style Home, it is very important to make sure each space and room has a focal point. The focal point provides a centre of attention and helps anchor the space. It should be a visually prominent feature that draws attention and gives the eye somewhere to land when you enter any room in your prestige home.

Helpful tip: Architectural home design features such as a fireplace or large window are among the most common focal points. If the space does not have any prominent features, you will want to establish one with furniture, lighting, or artwork. Once you have established a focal point, the layout of the rooms within your custom home should further draw attention to the main attraction.

To explore how Rycon Building Group can help you design your dream Hampton Style Home, contact us here today.

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