A garage door can be a striking, defining feature of your home. At the forefront of your house, the garage door can complement your style and greatly improve your neighbourhood street appeal if chosen correctly. There are a number of aspects to consider when selecting your garage door, including design, affordability, space, and security. And if you are building custom houses, you have a multitude of options, so the following article will help you decide whether a tilt panel or sectional door is most suitable for your new home.


Tilt panel doors


angle view of a hampton style home in melbourne
Tilt Panel Door in Northcote Hamptons style home


Tilt panel doors are the more customisable option, with several options available to change an assortment of panel sizes and patterns and even the option to include windows within the door. It’s possible to select from a broad range of colours and textures with tilt panel doors, including an abundance of rich or cool shades and a variety of materials, including timber, steel, and aluminium. They are available in a variety of different designs, with the benefit of being able to replace or swap the panels they become damaged, meaning only sections will need to be replaced rather than the entire door, saving you money. Tilt panel doors are generally also considered to be safer and more secure than the average sectional door, due to their innovative design and reinforced structure.

Aesthetically, a tilt panel door is best suited to a modern suburban family home, boasting a sleek appearance that the modest roller door cannot achieve. If you are planning a modern design or a Hamptons style home, a tilt panel door will likely be your best fit. Tilt panel doors generally require less maintenance due to the small number of moving parts, but it is still important to make sure they are routinely checked and adjusted if required. These doors do take up more room than a roller door as they open diagonally and sit flat below the ceiling when in the open position. This is something to consider if you have a large car that will take up a considerable amount of space. Tilt panel doors are the more expensive option when it comes to garage doors, but if quality and luxury are your priorities, then the tilt panel door will best suit your requirements despite the cost.


Sectional/Roller Doors


outside a blackburn home build by a custom home builder melbourne
Roller Door featured in Blackburn Weatherboard style home


Sectional doors are the more straightforward option when it comes to purchasing a new garage door. These traditional garage doors are less customisable than a tilt panel door as they generally consist of one sheet of corrugated metal, but there is still the option to select from a wide variety of colours to suit your custom built home. Roller doors are easier to install and require less internal space, as the door rolls up into a small cylinder above the garage door opening, freeing up space inside your garage. They do, however, require more maintenance and may be more difficult to repair as they are composed of more moving parts. Routinely checking your doors every few months will ensure all parts are working smoothly. If a roller door is damaged in any way, the entire door will have to be replaced, which can end up costing you a substantial amount of money. However, upfront roller doors are lower in price and cheaper to install than a tilt panel door.


Although the unassuming garage is often overlooked in your home choices, it is an important factor in deciding how you want the street view of your new luxury home build to look in terms of features, style, and colour, combined with functionality requirements. If you would like to learn more about tilt panel doors, roller doors from our expert high end home builder team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are more than happy to guide you through your journey towards your dream luxury home.


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