Technology companies have developed an abundance of cutting-edge gadgets, systems and appliances for the home that are each designed to make our lives more convenient and save energy. Even though smart technology has been criticised in the past due to its complicated nature, it is now becoming increasingly common as the innovation expands and the user experience is simplified. More and more people are now looking for a convenient solution to manage their entire home and lifestyle expectations. The wide range of appliances, accessories, apps and subscriptions required to create a smart home can be discouraging, but it has never been easier to access such intelligent products. Fortunately, Rycon Building Group can provide all the guidance you need in selecting and installing smart appliances and accessories when building your new custom home. We pride ourselves on connecting you with the latest in stylish, technologically advanced solutions that meet your personal requirements.

All Rycon Building Group include the Clipsal Iconic Series for all lighting and power switching as standard. This series is the new standard in residential electrical accessories and is loaded with innovative convenience and safety features for the modern home. You can control a range of functions such as adjusting light switches, timers and dimmers via a smartphone or tablet from your plush, comfortable couch, or warm, relaxing bath. You also have the ability to set schedules based on your predicted energy usage and lifestyle so your lights can be turned on or off at a specific time each day, and is the perfect solution for when you are travelling. The Iconic Series is also customisable in terms of style. The colour options include standard white and grey, as well as the luxurious matt silver, matt black, metallic silver and charcoal to suit your styling. There is a range of round or square corners to select from, as well as an optional timber edging which works beautifully in modern home builds.


custom made study nook with strip LED lighting and white power points.
A custom made study nook, with strip LED lighting and white power points.


Aside from lighting and power switching, there is an abundance of other automation products and smart home systems on the market to further enhance your home living experience and comfort. Security is simple with state-of-the-art night vision security cameras, remote fingerprint gate access, and touch screens available. You have the ability to view your camera feed at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world to know your property is always protected.

Climate control can be a breeze with automatic cooling and heating systems.
You can regulate the heating and cooling in your home and help you save energy and money by only heating and cooling dedicated rooms when you are using them, or by scheduling your heating and cooling times. The installation of shutter relays for blind and curtain control is perfect for extending the impact of the automated heating and cooling and helps to reduce the impact of the changeable Melbourne weather.

Bask in the delight of next-level entertaining in a smart home. Automation provides the ability to create a leading-edge cinema room with richly-detailed sound systems. You can create the ultimate cinema atmosphere with automated dimming accessories, motorised screen and curtains as well as multi-coloured remote activated lighting.

If glamourous outdoor entertaining is also your preference, you have the ability to set up LED garden lighting and strip lighting for carefully highlighting steps, stones and decking edges at nighttime. If you want to relax poolside, you can arrange systems to control your pool lighting and sound system. Outdoor maintenance is also straightforward, with automatic sprinkling systems and pool equipment monitoring and scheduling available so you will always have a picture-perfect pool and garden ready for the nights of entertaining guests.


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All of these automated products can be installed and managed individually or collectively throughout the home. The majority of smart products can also be managed by voice activation systems such as Google Home and Alexa. One advantage of installing a complete wireless home automation system throughout a brand new home is that it minimises the necessity of messy cords and wires, allowing the flexibility to effortlessly move rooms, appliances and furniture whenever you please.

Not only are smart homes convenient, but they create new opportunities in power saving. Habits such as leaving the lights on after leaving a room, forgetting to turn off the computer or television when not in use, and other idling electronics can all cause expensive power bills and wasted energy. Smart homeowners now have the ability to take control of their energy usage through a number of different energy-saving strategies, depending on which systems and appliances they are using. A smart home hub can switch off appliances when not in use and automatically turn them on when they are needed. This reduces the power drained from the grid, caused by idle appliances, which conserves energy and decreases your power bill.


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You can decide how advanced you want your smart home to be. Each product is generally modular, scalable, future proof and can be integrated at different times if you select the correct products and installation procedure to begin with. It is important to initially select a hub that is compatible with third-party devices to maximise the value of your initial investment. All of our clients at Rycon receive a one-on-one electrical consultation onsite with our construction team and electrician, providing the opportunity for the electrician to explain the features and benefits of a variety of products, as well as assisting in selecting the best products for your lifestyle requirements and budget as you physically walk through the premises together.

Automation is a remarkable addition to any home, and talking to your custom home builder about creating a smart home before building commences allows you to endless opportunities from single devices to entire home solutions. Not only can a smart home provide you with the convenience that you desire, but it may provide you with reasonable cost savings. If you would like to learn more about building a smart custom built home with Rycon Building Group in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs please contact us here today.


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