Three Types of Fireplaces For Your Custom Home

A fireplace for custom houses can make a great addition to a new for a wide variety of reasons. They can provide warmth, comfort, energy efficiency and can potentially have the ability to transform the interior design of your house into an architectural masterpiece. The following article will discuss the three types of fireplaces that are available from Rycon’s preferred supplier for fireplaces installed in all custom home builds, as well as the many benefits of having a fireplace installed in your home.

Heatmaster provides a broad range of both wood and gas fireplaces, including the Seamless Landscape Glass Gas Fireplaces, Enviro High Efficient Gas Fireplaces, and Open Wood Fireplaces. Find out below which style of fireplace is the best option to add your custom-built home.

The striking landscape glass gas fireplace is an award-winning gas fireplace that is designed at the peak of modern interior design. It features an incredibly sleek design with a beautiful large double-glazed glass window that would fit seamlessly into any modern home. The fireplace is created with Australian driftwood to give it a stunning visual finish. This technologically advanced model also comes standard with a programmable thermostat remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to adjust your fireplace from anywhere in the world via your phone or tablet.


real flame fireplace in a custom built family room
Real Flame Landscape fireplace featured in Balwyn Weatherboard Custom Home, Melbourne


The Enviro high efficient gas fireplace has a larger heating capacity than the landscape glass gas fireplace, suited to larger homes or homes with open plan design. As the name suggests, this fireplace is environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient, with an energy rating of 4.6. This fireplace boasts a simple yet refreshing modern design with a clean finish and has the options of either logs, pebbles or coals to match the decor of any room in any luxury home. It also comes with programmable thermostat control to ensure your heating remains at an optimal temperature whenever required.


enviro high efficient fireplace in a glen iris custom home
The Enviro High Efficient Gas Fireplace, featured in Glen Iris Hamptons Custom Built Home, Melbourne


The Indoor open wood fireplace by Heatmaster is the only open fire to be awarded the illustrious Australian Design Award. This fireplace provides the natural atmosphere and warmth of a genuine wood fire. The design of the open wood fire is available in an extensive range of designs and finishes to flexibly match both the most modern and traditional style of home. The open wood fire comes in two different models. The A-series model features a fully insulated firebox which can be built into timber and plaster frame, eliminating the need for brickwork to be installed in the home. The B series model is made with an uninsulated firebox which is designed to be installed in a pre-existing chimney space. The open wood fireplace also comes in a range of different dimensions to fit any custom home.


a custom home with an indoor open wood fireplace
The Indoor Open Wood Fireplace, featured in Fairfield Custom Built Hamptons Home, Melbourne


Personal benefits of a fireplace

There’s nothing like relaxing around the fireplace on a cold winter’s night, enjoying the company of friends and family. It’s undeniable that one of the main reasons people choose to install a fireplace is to enjoy the cozy atmosphere it creates in the home. It provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere for almost any occasion, and can even set the scene for a romantic evening by the fire with your loved one.

Power blackouts are no problem with a fireplace, as you are guaranteed the warmth and the light of a roaring fire until the power grid is back up and running. A fireplace can also compliment the style of almost any room in the house and can provide an ambience like no other. The sleek design of a landscape glass model can give your home that extra detail and really make it stand out.


Environmental benefits

Wood fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular as energy prices rise. It’s much less expensive to heat your home internally with the use of a fireplace than it is to rely on paying a power company, who use fossil fuels to power your heater. Unlike these fossil fuels, wood is a sustainable resource that leaves absolutely no carbon footprint behind when it’s burnt. Many people are now searching for ways to become more independent in their energy consumption, and having a wood fire gives you the option to supply your own heat to your home. Modern wood fireplaces are extremely efficient, and there are models are available which distribute heat through existing ductwork that’s already built into the home. Some wood-burning fireplaces even qualify as smokeless heat sources due to their emissions, meaning you can provide heat for your home whilst protecting the environment.


fireplace under a TV in custom family room
Heat and Glo Gas Fireplace featured in Fairfield Hamptons Custom Home, Melbourne


There are many benefits to having a fireplace for your custom home installed in your new custom build, and with our expert team of builders, you have the assurance that your fireplace will look spectacular. If you want to learn more about fireplaces and how to get one installed in your home, please contact our team of experts here.



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