Can we provide our own appliances?

One advantage of working with a Melbourne custom builder is the ability to provide your personal touch on everything, from the luscious materials used for your build to your innovative appliances. But a common question we get is ‘Can we provide our own appliances?’. When you build a new home with Rycon, you can choose to have all of your appliances arranged through Rycon, or you may provide your own appliances and they will be installed for you, unlike project builds where you have a limited choice of appliance, brand and function types.

The majority of owners already have an idea of what they would like for their new home appliances when they have their first consultation with their builder. With a custom home builder, your appliance options are endless. They may be as simple or technologically advanced as you desire, ranging from the humble energy-efficient integrated dishwasher to commercial under-bench beer and wine refrigerators, or the latest in European french door refrigerators.

Freestanding Falcon Induction Cooker and Oven in Blackburn custom home build
Freestanding Falcon Induction Cooker and Oven in Blackburn custom home build


Having the custom builder guide you on your appliance choices


The knowledge and guidance of a custom home builder are invaluable when selecting appliances, as they will guide you towards selecting the pieces that provide the best value for money with the maximum impact for your lifestyle and aesthetic requirements. Even if you are supplying your own appliances, you will find comfort knowing that you have the advice of a knowledgeable team ensuring you are selecting the very best option for you and your new home with the ability to have the appliances seamlessly integrated via the in-house design team.

Once you have given your builder an idea of your expectations, they can discuss certain desirable functions, latest innovations, energy efficiency requirements, and ensure your particular choices can be smoothly incorporated into the home design in terms of both style and functionality. You may be dreaming of a deluxe entertainer’s kitchen, featuring a sleek, industrial double gas stove surrounded by luxurious, veined marble benchtops. In this case, your builder may advise that marble may not be an ideal choice as it can be affected by extreme heat, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and heartache down the track if your natural stone was exposed to damage. Should your lavish kitchen appliances be the key to your dream kitchen, a custom home builder can instead help you design your entire kitchen and the entertaining area around these appliances, considering dimensions, styling, function, surface materials and longevity.

Husky double bar fridge in custom home build Blackburn
Husky double bar fridge in a custom home build Blackburn


Our Preferred Custom Build Appliance Supplier


At Rycon our preferred appliance supplier is Michael’s of Brighton Appliances who source all of the top of the range brands, including Miele, Electrolux, Bosch, Liebherr, Smeg, Panasonic, Westinghouse, Husky Refrigeration and more. Appliance suppliers can be an invaluable source of information when it comes to the innovation, style, energy efficiency and technology of these products, so it is important to take advantage of their expertise. Once you have decided on the direction of your appliances, Rycon arranges a one-on-one consultation with a knowledgeable representative from Michaels of Brighton Appliances, who provides further guidance on which specific pieces may best accommodate your requirements.

Whether you decide to supply the appliances yourself or they are arranged directly through Rycon, you have absolute flexibility on which appliances and brands you select for your custom home build as well as a team of experts to go to at any time for advice. If you do choose to supply your own appliances, just keep in mind that you may have to factor in extra charges for delivery, management and insurance costs for theft, damage and maintenance. To speak to Rycon Building Group about you’re appliance ideas or requirements for your new luxury home construction in and around Melbourne, please contact us here.



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