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6 Simple Steps to Turn Your House into Hamptons Beach Style on a Budget

Hampton-style houses give us a beach vibe that makes you always want to stay home. Who wouldn’t want that perfect blend of coastal charm and relaxed elegance in their living room? 

Well, the good news is, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to turn your space into a Hamptons haven. 

As Hampton home builders with nearly two decades of experience and having served hundreds of clients, one thing remains constant – Hampton houses have always been the favourites of our Aussie clients. We can’t blame them! The timeless allure of Hampton-style homes, with their coastal charm and relaxed elegance, resonates perfectly with the Australian lifestyle. 

But what if your current home lacks that distinct Hamptons touch? 

That’s why, in this blog, we’re excited to share insider secrets and budget-friendly tips to help you infuse that Hamptons magic into your home. Let’s turn your space into a coastal retreat without breaking the bank!

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What is a Hamptons Style House, and Why is it Popular

So, what’s the fuss about Hamptons-style houses, and why is everyone raving about them?

Well, imagine a home that seamlessly blends relaxed coastal living with timeless elegance, and you’ve got the essence of a Hamptons-style house.

Coastal Charm

Hamptons style is inspired by the coastal region of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. It embodies the relaxed, breezy charm of coastal living, bringing a taste of the sea into your house. Consider light-filled interiors, pristine whites, and a palette of relaxing blues; it’s like having a permanent summer vacation at your doorstep.

Timeless Elegance

One of the reasons Hamptons style has endured is its ageless elegance. The design emphasises traditional features and clean lines, creating a timeless style despite fads. It’s a style that still feels fresh and inviting decades later. It is a popular choice for individuals looking for long-lasting home beauty.

Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral tones dominate the Hamptons colour scheme, with whites, creams, and soft beiges taking the stage. These colours provide a tranquil setting that highlights the beauty of natural materials like wood and stone. The result is a relaxing and harmonious visual experience throughout the house.

Casual and Comfortable

The Hamptons style seamlessly blends refinement with a casual and pleasant atmosphere. It’s where you may kick off your shoes, unwind on luxurious furniture, and feel at ease. The goal is to create an appealing environment that greets residents and visitors with open arms.

Popularity Beyond Coastal Areas

While originally influenced by beach living, Hampton’s design has evolved beyond its geographical origins. Its broad appeal has made it a popular design choice in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. People are drawn to the beauty, simplicity, and warmth that Hamptons style adds to any property, regardless of its location near the ocean.

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How To Create a Hamptons Beach-Style House on a Budget

So, you’ve fallen in love with the Hamptons beach-style vibe, but the budget keeps your dreams on hold. Fear not! Creating that coastal-chic haven at home doesn’t have to break the bank. Creativity and savvy choices allow you to turn your space into a Hamptons-inspired retreat without emptying your wallet. 

Here’s how!

Step #1: Paint Your Walls Light Colors

Let’s start by giving your walls a new makeover. To achieve the classic Hamptons look, choose light and airy colours. Consider timeless colours like pristine whites, soft creams, and relaxing beiges. These light colours create an open and inviting area and serve as an excellent backdrop for obtaining that laid-back beach appeal in your home.

If you are looking for a paint colour guide, check out this interesting article here by Inspirations Paint. They share great ideas to guide you in choosing colours that bring the relaxed charm of the Hamptons into your home.

Step #2: Find Affordable Gems in Thrift Stores

Explore thrift stores and secondhand shops to find hidden treasures without breaking the bank. Look for vintage furniture that can be converted into Hamptons-style gems with paint and imagination. You might be astonished at what interesting finds await you!

Step #3: Use Slipcovers for a Fresh Look

Slipcovers can give your furniture a breezy, beachy vibe. Light textiles, such as cotton or linen, will not only freshen up your furniture, but they will also be practical and easy to clean. It’s an inexpensive method to enhance your room without replacing current furniture.

Step #5: Decorate with Beachy Things.

Beachy accessories will give your home a coastal flare. Look for goods like woven baskets, sea-themed artwork, and nautical decor. These little modifications bring the calm sensations of a Hamptons beach house into your living room, resulting in a casual and welcoming setting.

Step #5: Get Wicker Furniture and Natural Stuff.

Incorporate wicker furniture and natural materials to give your home a Hamptons-inspired relaxing feel. Look for inexpensive options from bargain retailers, and consider updating existing pieces with a coat of paint in white or soft pastel colours. This simple touch adds warmth and texture to your interior.

Step #6: Make Easy Shiplap Walls

Bring classic Hamptons beauty to your walls with an easy and inexpensive DIY project: shiplap walls. To create the look, use inexpensive materials such as plywood or MDF. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, this DIY touch adds charm. It transforms your room into a coastal refuge, giving it the impression of a Hamptons escape at home.

Additional Tips: 

  • Use light-coloured curtains to allow natural light in and create an airy atmosphere.
  • Bring in blue and white stripes through cushions, rugs, or throws for a nautical feel.
  • Design open floor plans to create a sense of spaciousness. Maximise natural light with large windows and strategically placed mirrors.
  • Incorporate subtle patterns, particularly in soft furnishings. Think about striped cushions, simple geometrics, or gentle floral prints.

How Much Would it Cost to Redesign Your Custom-Built House into a Hampton Beach Style?

Thinking about giving my custom-built house a Hampton beach-style makeover without burning a hole in my pocket? Well, ballparking the budget for this kind of redesign on a budget, we’re looking at a rough estimate ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

This estimate considers wallet-friendly updates like a fresh coat of paint, some stylish accessories, and maybe swapping out a few pieces of furniture without breaking the bank. Choosing budget-friendly materials and focusing on key areas can help keep the costs on the lower side.

Remember, these figures are more like friendly suggestions, and the actual cost will depend on factors such as the size of you home, how much change I’m you are upfor, and if you are ready to tackle some DIY projects. To get a more accurate picture, you’d definitely want to chat with professionals and carefully map out where every penny goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix Hamptons style into a small space?

Absolutely! The Hamptons style is versatile and adaptable to small areas. Choose bright colours and mirrors to create a sense of space and furniture with a streamlined and airy design.

Is the Hamptons style only appropriate for coastal locations?

While the Hamptons design includes coastal elements, it is adaptable to homes in various places. The aim is to convey a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere using colour schemes, natural materials, and classic design features.

Are there specific patterns that work well in a Hamptons-style space?

Subdued patterns like stripes, simple geometrics, and gentle florals work well in a Hamptons-style space. These patterns add interest without overpowering the calm and sophisticated atmosphere.

Can I achieve a Hamptons-style home with a minimalist approach?

Yes, a minimalist Hamptons style is possible. Focus on clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and carefully chosen decor pieces to maintain the simplicity and sophistication associated with both styles.


To wrap it up, remember that the goal is to create a breezy, beachy ambience that feels perfect for you. The Hamptons design is more than simply the colours and furniture; it’s about evoking the carefree mood of beach living. 

So, let your creativity shine if you’re on a tight budget or have a large canvas. Embrace bright colours, add a touch of the sea with beachy accessories, and personalise your environment. It’s more than just a design option; it’s about bringing the effortless beauty of the Hamptons straight to your door. 

For more Hampton style house ideas, please see our portfolio. And if you’re interested in transforming your space, consider contacting our expert custom house builder team. We’re here to assist you in making your Hamptons dream home a reality. From personalized design tips to tailored solutions for your unique space, we’re passionate about bringing the charm of the Hamptons to your doorstep.

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