Why should someone design and build with Rycon?

At Rycon, we pride ourselves on quality design and construction of custom houses with the highest level of detail. We work as a team to ensure the home is designed to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Not only does this allow for a masterful design, but equally sensible building parameters in terms of execution. The advantage of employing Rycon as your custom home builder is that we manage the entire process, from designing your dream home to managing the actual home build. From enquiry to delivery, the entire process is taken care of, so you can sit back and watch your dream home come to life. Below we explain why should someone design and build using a full-service design and construct builder may be more advantageous than employing an architect separate to your builder.

Rycon focuses strongly on functionality as well as form to ensure that the home not only looks amazing, but also takes advantage of the natural light, contours of the block, and a home which is constructed around your lifestyle requirements. A stand-alone architect is often heavily focused on the aesthetic appeal behind designing the home, sometimes neglecting the ideal use of the home, its functionality, budget and constructability.

While architects do create unique, stunning, custom designs that boast luxury and beauty, sometimes they do not have a complete understanding of real issues that builders face when constructing the home on site, which can be cause for delays or hidden costs. Rycon combines the equal creativity and expertise of both our designers and builders from the initial enquiry, where both teams of experts are involved to ensure all building considerations are taken into account, resulting in the smoothest possible transition from design to build. This minimises potential risks down the track and allows for a faster and well considered building process for everyone involved.


A Hamptons Custom Home located in Blackburn
A Blackburn Hamptons Custom Home


Having just one point of contact can also eliminate the risk of potential conflict or miscommunication that can arise between builders and architects. Rather than individual companies collaborating on one project, Rycon homes are constructed by one team from start to finish. Instead of dealing with separate home builders, architects, and landscapers that must be contacted individually, custom home builders like Rycon will have only one point of contact that covers your entire home. This can be much more convenient for the home buyer when having discussions and making decisions, allowing ideas to be communicated easily between the client and the builder. This helps minimise disputes and disruptions, delivering an enjoyable, streamlined building process, which allows you to move into your new dream home quicker.

Building with Rycon can also be less expensive than employing an architect and home builder. With Rycon, you pay for the entire team as a collective and our team of builders and designers work together in unison to produce a luxury custom home that embodies style as well as functionality. This means you may have extra budget to allow for the striking landscape glass gas fireplace you always wanted, or the decadent marble benchtops you had your eye on. Ultimately Rycon can build on almost any pre-purchased land, so you can pay less for a sloping block and we can design your masterpiece regardless. If you would like to learn more about our masterful solutions for sloping blocks please click here.


A modern luxury custom home built in glen iris
Glen Iris Luxury Modern Custom Home


If a luxury modern, weatherboard or Hamptons style home is what you are looking for, we can deliver the ultimate design and construction which suits your suburb. Rycon is your local custom home builder in Boroondara and Whitehorse council zones. From Mitcham through to Glen Iris, and across to the sophisticated Kew and Balwyn, we specialise in creating unique homes to suit the charming residential style of the homeowners specific to these affluent suburbs. Sometimes architects don’t fully understand your suburb, and can produce a unique, wonderful design that unfortunately stands out in your street for the wrong reasons.

Rycon has been designing and constructing Hamptons style weatherboard homes and luxury modern homes for a number of years in these regions, and know exactly how to execute the design and construction of your home to ensure that the external architecture is elegant but simple, compliments your leafy street while also providing a functional space for a family to call home.

Megan and Craig from one of our custom home builds in Glen Iris summarise below the advantage of using a design and construct home builder:


“…they came across a property in such bad repair it was advertised as land with a ‘free’ house. “It was disgusting,” says Craig. “It had a bluestone fence, an old fibro pool out front and a wall covered in mould.” To top it off, there was a 9m drop from the front of the site to the back…. Craig found the perfect project partners when he googled ‘sloping-block builders’ and came up with Rycon Building Group….the family’s new home is a wonderful example of how to turn a negative into a positive.”

As featured in Homes To Love Magazine. For a summary of this project please click here.


At Rycon Building Group, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive luxury design and construction service, ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied with not only our work but the whole process of building their dream homes. The ability to have a builder and a designer sit together and advocate for great design while also keeping it within practical and sensible building parameters is critical to our success and our clients’ ability to get a great product at a reasonable price. This is why should someone design and build with a custom builder just like Rycon. If you would like to learn more about Rycon and custom home builds in Melbourne from our team of experts please contact us here.


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