The Living Room In A Hampton Style Home

The hampton style home is an enduring style of luxury home build that is seen throughout the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and in particular, Glen Iris, Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Blackburn and Box Hill South. The rise in popularity of the hampton style home has now spread to the Bayside area of Melbourne, in suburbs such as Hampton, Mentone and Sandringham. Rycon Building Group is a specialist weatherboard builder and we love bringing this style of home to life from a knock down rebuild project to a prestige home build in the suburbs of Melbourne!

Whilst there are many lovely characteristics to a hampton style home, the heart of any custom home build is the kitchen/living room. This article will highlight the features found in the hampton style home living room which can create a warm and inviting space in your weatherboard home build. In particular we will focus on raked ceilings, picture windows, window furnishings, stonework and flooring.

Raked Ceiling

Light filled family areas are key to any luxury home build. The presence of a raked ceiling in a living room delivers quite the impact, along with the welcoming addition of VJ panelling to create a focal point to the room. The panelling is used by building designers to help create a point of difference, along with adding style, warmth, and character to your interior. The soaring ceilings will help with bathing the room in additional natural light and provide a sense of luxury that is quintessentially found in a hampton style home.

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Picture Windows

Following on from a raked ceiling with the aim of providing ample light in your family room in your luxury home build, another wonderful focal point in a living room would be a large picture window. A picture window placed perfectly in a room by your building designer makes for a striking addition, allowing an abundance of light, and creating a beautiful feature from both the inside and the outside of the home.

Window Furnishings

When considering window furnishings, plantation shutters will forever be a timeless favourite in a hampton style home because of their elegance and simplicity along with their crisp lines. More recently, sheer and billowing curtains are being used to create a softness, along with providing both texture and movement in living rooms in a custom home build. Curtains are a versatile option which will work well in a casual or more formal space, bringing a feel of luxury to your custom home build. To get the maximum effect and charm from a picture window, you may not necessarily require a window furnishing, however a sheer curtain that reveals the window when open can provide a stunning option framing the window.

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Stonework surrounding a fireplace is an admired hampton style home design feature which helps to create a rich texture to the living room. There are many natural and engineered stones to choose from, with light and dark tones that will match any living room design. The beauty of natural stone creates the ultimate feature in a hampton style home, making a truly unforgettable focal point.

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When it comes to choosing flooring for your hampton style home, engineered timber flooring is the preferred look for its hard wearing and low maintenance properties in the living room. Whilst this type of flooring is also well known for their durability, timber floors do provide a warm, rustic feel which is well loved amongst many hampton style homes.

If this article has piqued your interest and you would like to discuss your proposed hampton style home, please contact us here and we look forward to discussing your knock down rebuild project further with you.

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