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Crafting Your Dream Home: A Masterclass by Ryan McKenzie, Owner of Rycon Building Group, on Finding and Selecting a Custom Home Builder in Melbourne

Embarking on the journey to build your custom dream home is an exciting venture, but choosing the right builder is paramount to its success. We’ve seen many builders fail in recent years, so getting the selection right is even more important than it has been previously. I’m Ryan McKenzie, the proud owner of Rycon Building Group. I’m here to guide you through finding and selecting a custom home builder in Melbourne.

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1. Define Your Vision and Budget:

As the owner of Rycon Building Group, from experience, I know that the foundation of any successful custom home build lies in a clear vision and a well-defined budget. Take the time to articulate your dream home, considering your lifestyle, preferences, and specific requirements. Simultaneously, establish a realistic budget that aligns with your vision. This clarity will be invaluable as you search for the perfect custom home builder. As part of our concept design process, we use a 16-step process to help clients clearly understand the custom home design they need now and in the future.

2. Research and Compile a List:

Start your search by learning about reputable custom home builders in Melbourne. Speak to your friends, look out for building sites to see who’s building in your neighbourhood, and use the internet to research who works there. As the head of Rycon Building Group, I encourage you to explore builders with a proven track record, positive reviews, and portfolios that resonate with your style. Leverage these avenues to compile a list of potential builders who align with your vision.

3. Check Credentials and Experience:

At Rycon Building Group, we understand the significance of credentials and experience in custom home building. Ensure that the builders on your list are licensed, insured, and well-versed in the local planning conditions. Experience matters, and choosing a builder with a robust history in constructing custom homes ensures a level of expertise needed to navigate the complexities of your unique project. Especially important at this time to check the financial viability of your shortlisted custom home builders.

4. Visit Previous Projects:

As a seasoned builder, I recommend taking the time to personally visit homes built by your top candidate. Witnessing the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall design aesthetics firsthand will provide invaluable insights into the builder’s capabilities. This also allows you to build a stronger relationship with the builder and their team and ensure their values align with yours. Feel free to ask for references to understand the client-builder relationship better.

Modern custom house build - Rycon Building Group

5. Understand the Building Process:

Transparency and efficiency are the cornerstones of a successful building process. When engaging with potential builders, discuss the intricacies of their workflow, timelines, and communication strategies. At Rycon Building Group, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and engaged throughout every construction phase.

6. Budget Transparency:

At Rycon Building Group, we believe in open and honest discussions about budget considerations. Seek builders who provide clear cost information, ensuring a clear understanding of where your investment is allocated. Be cautious of builders who promise to meet your budget without due consideration. Opt for builders who are forthright in discussing financial aspects.

7. Check for Customization Flexibility:

Customization is at the heart of what we do at Rycon Building Group. Ensure your chosen builder embraces and encourages customization, adapting to your unique needs. A builder’s flexibility indicates their commitment to bringing your distinctive vision to life. Many builders who market themselves as custom home builders in Melbourne take their existing standard design and include a few modifications. This is not a custom home build, and who doesn’t want a design that you have to fit your family and lifestyle around?

8. Communication and Compatibility:

Effective communication is non-negotiable in the custom home-building journey. As the owner of Rycon Building Group, I emphasize the importance of a builder and their team who actively listens, provides constructive input, and remains responsive to your queries. Seamless communication is the linchpin to a successful collaboration.

9. Review Contracts Thoroughly:

Before finalizing any decision, meticulously review the building contract presented by your potential builder. As an advocate for transparency, I encourage you to outline all terms, conditions, and costs explicitly. Address any concerns or questions before signing agreements to ensure a smooth and confident partnership.

10. Trust Your Instincts:

In the end, trust your instincts when selecting a custom home builder. Choose a builder who aligns with your vision and with whom you feel a genuine connection. Personal compatibility is a cornerstone of a positive and collaborative building experience.


As the owner of Rycon Building Group, my passion lies in helping clients transform their dream homes into tangible realities. By defining your vision, researching meticulously, and prioritizing transparency and communication, you can select the perfect builder to bring your dream home to life. Remember, at Rycon Building Group, we understand that the right builder is the key to unlocking the doors to your dream home in Melbourne.

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