What are the latest trends in Hamptons style homes?

While many housing trends come and go, the Hamptons style home is continuing to be a highly sought-after and prestige home to build across Melbourne, particularly in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. What gives the Hamptons home its ongoing and enduring appeal is that while the basic fundamentals remain the same across a Hamptons build, there is flexibility to put your mark on the home.  Whether you desire a traditional, coastal, modern, farmhouse, or Australian take on the Hamptons home, here at Rycon Building Group, as a new home builder, we will design and build the luxury dream home you have your heart set on! Our high end residential builders, building designer, and the pre-construction team will work closely with you to ensure all your wants and needs are met and offer guidance on the latest trends in Hamptons style homes.

The central theme of all Hamptons homes is outstanding luxury, however, each style of the Hamptons home often will embody its individual mark. A traditional Hamptons home may be extremely elaborate and opulent, whereas a coastal, modern, farmhouse or Australian style Hamptons offers a more relaxed and casual vibe. Nonetheless, Hamptons is an extremely versatile style, and it is very easy to put your own personal stamp on this style of home.

Over the last year the Hamptons style has continued to evolve and there have been some subtle changes in the aesthetics. This has allowed the style to remain fresh and shows again the versality of the style. So, what is on the horizon for new Architectural designed Hamptons builds for 2022 and beyond?

An updated fresh new colour palate will definitely create a point of difference in your Hamptons home. Our in-house Interior Designer will be working alongside you and will guide you through choosing your external and internal colour palette. When most people think of the Hamptons style they think of crisp whites, greys and blues, but there have been some interesting changes made to the colour palettes favoured in a Hamptons home. Whilst it is not seen a total revamp it is classified as more of a refresh . Colours that are light and airy are beginning to steal the spotlight with the use of warmer colours such as neutrals, beiges, pinks and sage green, allowing for a more calm and tranquil vision. These injections of colour can of course be achieved through the use of cushions and other soft furnishings if you are wanting to stick with a more traditional Hamptons wall colour.

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Shaker cabinetry will always conjure feelings of the Hamptons lifestyle and transport you to New York. Whilst shaker cabinetry is typically white in a Hamptons home, as a contemporary point of difference , some Building Designers choose to include black as a popular choice and we are seeing more subtle colours like sage green, light blue and grey being used for cabinetry choices. This will add a unique feature to your kitchen, while still maintaining the Hamptons aesthetic. Our Building Designer has been increasingly using the vertical groove profile door in kitchens, which provides a similar look to vertical pine lining. This offers a fresh and welcoming style to a Hamptons kitchen, while offering an effortless and understated look.

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To complete the cabinetry, the right pulls in your kitchen will create a lasting impression, so it pays to spend some time selecting the perfect ones to showcase the look you are after. As a new home builder, we have found a recent demand in the use of the style brass or brushed brass pulls and knobs. These create a modern soft finish along with a bright and sunny appearance. Long angular pulls or smaller T pulls can create quite a dramatic effect and provide a wonderful finishing touch along with an element of luxury to the shaker style profile cabinetry.


For window furnishings, plantation shutters will always be a timeless favourite in a Hamptons home because of their elegance and simplicity along with crisp lines. More recently, sheer and billowing curtains are being used to create a softness, along with providing both texture and movement. They are a versatile option which will work well in a casual or more formal space, bringing a feel of luxury.


Hamptons homes are without a doubt a timeless and classic style that will always have appeal. If your desire is to lift your home with some fresh new elements, then following some of these ideas will guarantee you a showstopper of a home! We would love to help guide you through every aspect of your prestige Hamptons build so if you would like to discuss your project, please contact us here.

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