Colorbond Vs Tiling? Which is best for the roof for my custom built home?

Your roof is responsible for pulling your exterior design together and heavily impacts the street impression of your home. It is a vital aspect to both the aesthetics and functionality of your home and is an important decision you will need to consider for your new Rycon luxury custom built home. It is important to understand the different roofing options available in Australia and how to choose the best roofing material for you and your family.

Colorbond Roof

Colorbond is a steel material originally devised in the USA and has had over 50 years of extensive research and development in Australia, creating a long lasting solution for our harsh Melbourne weather conditions. Colorbond steel roofs are comprised of a steel base, which is coated in a metallic coating for extra protection and finalised with a non-corroding, chip-resistance topcoat of paint available in a myriad of colours.

Tiled Roof

Tiled roofs are the most popular option in Australia, mostly because they have been used for a longer period of time. Tiling options available in Melbourne include terracotta, concrete and asphalt shingles and will generally come with a 20-50 year warranty.

There are many aspects to choosing between Colorbond and tiled roofs, so we have outlined some key considerations below:

  • Design & Aesthetics:
    Your design style will heavily influence which roofing choice is best for your residence.  If you are building a luxury contemporary design with a flat roof to compliment your masterpiece you will find Colorbond will be significant in creating the outcome you are after.  If you are dreaming of a clean and modern result you could choose a simple concrete tile or Terracotta Roof Tile. There is also a range of different shaped tiles, so depending on how flat you prefer the tile, as well as the pitch of your roof, most can be accommodated for with your choice of styling. If you are building a Hamptons style home with classic weatherboards, the options available are a lot greater. Traditionally, this style has used either a Colorbond or Asphalt Shingle Roof, however with more and more Flat Profile Ceramic Tiles now available, we are seeing traditional Hamptons homes now being built and designed with either 3 of these options, while still being respectful of the Hamptons styling and aesthetics.  If you are more interested in a Grand European look, you may achieve the best design outcome with a shaped terracotta or ceramic tile. Many of the traditionally old Edwardian and replica period homes in the Camberwell, Canterbury and Glen Iris areas have tiled roofs and many of the newer homes found in Blackburn, Balwyn and Mitcham areas have made use of a Colorbond roof as Flat Concrete Roof Tiles.
  • Installation:
    Installation is not drastically effected by your choice of roofing. No matter which tile you choose, they are certainly heavier and smaller than the Colorbond Sheeting option, meaning installation becomes slightly a longer process, especially with the more substantial terracotta tiles. Colorbond Sheet Roofing and Concrete Tiles will minimise engineering considerations, as they are lighter than the Terracotta options. If you have a professional custom home builder, like Rycon Building Group, they will be able to accommodate either preference and you shouldn’t notice any disruption to the design or building process.

There are a lot of considerations to take into account when deciding on your roofing material to achieve a complete solution that suits your design and style requirements, as well as your lifestyle. For more inspiration of different roofing options you can view our portfolio here, or if you are interested in discussing your new custom home build in Melbourne with our design team or professional builders please contact us here.


Fairfield Hamptons Style Home Build with Colorbond Roofing
Glen Iris Hamptons Style Home Build with Concrete Roof Tiles
Glen Iris Modern Luxury Home Build with flat Colorbond Roofing
Balwyn Prestige Custom Home Build with Terracotta Tiled Roof.
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