Staff Profile – Ryan McKenzie 

1. How long have you been in the industry?
Almost 20 years.

2. What made you decide to go out on your own and start Rycon Building Group?
I’ve always loved the building industry and have had some good and not so good bosses along the way….in their own way, each experience inspired me to start my own business.

3. What was your first building project at Rycon?
A four bedroom, double story home in Mordialloc for a really great client named Lily. She took a chance on me and I’ll be forever grateful.

4. How many employees do you have at Rycon?
We currently have a team of 9 in our office, plus a really large team of the very best trades that we work with. The talented team at Rycon focus on sales, design, pre construction, project management/construction, accounts, and client/team support. As a boutique builder, I pride myself on knowing every client myself and being hands on in each home we build. Each person in our team plays a part in ensuring our clients have a great experience, and each client we build for has my mobile number if they ever want to discuss their project.

5. You’ve just built over 100 homes since 2007, what do you attribute to your success?
The passion and enthusiasm that each person in our team has for quality….our goal every time is to deliver a house that our clients are proud to call home.

6. Tell me about your sponsorship.
I’m a strong believer in supporting the local community that we are part of and giving something back. We are proud sponsors of Taralye, the centre for hearing impaired children in Blackburn. We sponsor a hearing impaired child there, providing learning opportunities she otherwise would not have access to. This is something that is very close to my heart and is something i’m very passionate about.

7. What is your career highlight to date.
Being awarded the Master Builders Best Custom Home award in 2011. These awards are not easy to win and I’m extremely proud to be part of the talented group of builders who have won them.

8. What are your goals for your business moving forward?
We have recently moved further into the luxury end of the new homes market and this is something I’m keen to continue with. It’s all about quality, not quantity at Rycon BG.

And a few personal questions..

9. What do you like to do away from work?
Watching the footy, exercising and spending time with my wife and two kids. Sundays are family days and my four year old is very strict on this!

10. What footy team do you follow?
Go Dees.