We understand that many home-owners simply outgrow their homes, or they prefer a different style of home. Owners are then faced with the options of a buying a new home, doing a renovation / extension or a knock down and rebuild. The advantage of a knock down and rebuild is that you don’t have to move suburbs or move the kids out of school. You can enjoy living in a brand new home, without sacrificing the benefits of your current location. Building a brand new custom designed home gives you peace of mind of a structural warranty and allows you to enjoy all the luxuries that come with a new home. Our design team will understand your unique requirements and create a custom designed home that perfectly suits your family’s needs.

Our team will assist you with the entire process from concept to handover, including demolition, any council/permit/town planning requirements through to landscaping.

Review our step by step process to see how we simplify our client’s role in taking on the design and construction of a their new beautiful home.


Multi-Unit Development

During the past 8 years, Rycon Building Group has seen the building landscape change significantly, with the price of homes and land increasing substantially. This has resulted in a large increase in the number of mutli-unit developments being built. Investors, savvy home owners and developers all recognise the advantages of building mulit-unit development on single blocks.

There is a great deal more to consider in terms of planning and construction when undertaking a multi –dwelling project over a single dwelling construction. It is crucial to assess these items in the initial stages of the project, as they can significantly impact overall costs, timeframes and neighbourhood impact.

Additional requirements for multi-dwelling projects are most commonly seen in town planning applications, council contributions, site works, drainage, parking, access, and landscaping

We have extensive experience in this area and have built many dual occupancy, and multi-unit developments.

At whichever stage of the process you are at, we would be more than happy to discuss how we can assist you in the design, planning and construction of your multi-unit development, or are also always happy to quote on existing plans with council approvals.

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