Proud Members of Our Local Community

We pride ourselves on being part of the local community and will regularly support other local businesses. As someone who has a hearing impairment himself and who attended Taralye as a child in 1984, Ryan is passionate about supporting the Taralye kindergarten in Blackburn. At the beginning of last year, we became a major sponsor at Taralye where we now sponsor a hearing impaired child, giving her access to the amazing early intervention programs she would not otherwise be able to utilize. Taralye chief executive Therese Kelly said ‘Taralye relied heavily on the generosity of the community. “This sponsorship will have a direct impact on the life of this deaf child and her family, who turned to Taralye for help earlier this year,” Ms Kelly said.

We are ongoing sponsors of local sporting clubs including Vermont Football Club as well as Forest Hill Football Club.

Taralye Market Day 2015